Lunes, Abril 30, 2012

Turn-over of New Computer Set for PNP Traffic Division

The Traffic Division of General Santos City Philippine National Police received a new Computer set last April 30, 2012 during their flag raising ceremony. This is through the initiative of the Honorable Virgie T. Llido.

A new set of computer is a welcome improvement for our men in uniform assigned at the Traffic Division, who made do of an old model computer. Few months back, the office of Honorable Llido had trouble accessing records/data from the said office which are essential for the an ordinance passed by the latter. The Honorable Councilor personally witnessed the immediate need of the traffic division thus she appropriated from her Barangay Development Fund an amount to purchase a new set of computer.

The computer set was purchased through Barangay Dadiangas West as an Aid to the Barangay specifically to purchase 1 Computer Set for PNP-GSC Traffic Division.

City Director, Police Senior Superintendent (DSC) Cedric G. Train, CEO VI and the Chief Traffic Officer Police Chief Inspector Edgar Ines Yago, received the unit during the turn-over ceremony.

This simple gesture means a better service from our Traffic Division.